Mission Statement

Welcome to the Chromosome 3 Disorder Registry and Support Group. The mission of our group is to provide information and emotional support to families, friends and professionals who would like to learn more about children/family members affected by a Chromosome 3 disorder.  When many of us first learned of our child’s or family member’s rare chromosomal disorder, we had to search far and wide to get answers, common symptoms, possible matches to our family member, and information about chromosomes.  Many of us have researched or experienced ways to help our children thrive and are hoping to share some of these ideas with you.

While no two children are exactly alike (even with the same deletion), we do notice there are many similarities and overlapping symptoms in many of the children. We know how devastating it can be initially to find out your child has a chromosomal disorder or any genetic defect for that matter. We are hoping that if you are a new parent/relative to a child with a chromosome 3 disorder, you will be better equipped with information and will have the ability to more easily prepare for a future with your child/family member.

Rules and Guidelines

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